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is based on a freelance basis and work with pictures and writing, mainly against Norway and Sweden. Freelancing is working independently for several clients, Freelance is the ability to choose their assignments, and employers, but also opportunities to have multiple employers or assignments for a shorter or longer period. As Freelance runs seldom likely to "Running" into the same rut and write routine or out of habit. You also get the ability to think outside the "box"

C23 Freelance Service - or

Fast results in real time

Text material can be delivered as soon as it is produced and digital content can be saved and backed up. One further advantage is that an editorial board can review what is written in real time.

Someone on right place at right time


In the engineering technical society we live so can convey newswriting and image in real time. One can reach editors quickly and it means That You Can Be in the center of the event When it happens, and note Several hours later. The weight of having someone on right place at the right time is undoubtedly a great advantage for media Impact.


Accredited Photografer or reporter, assigned by C23, Contact us!


Some articels and images from C23

Bomb in Oslo
Shoots on Utøya
Interview with the musician Nomy
The publication About the Hells Angels book in Norway
Gang war in Southern Sweden
"Payback Sverige" - interview with Peter Schjerva
Beautiful roads for MC in Norway
Reporting of Criminal gangs in Sweden
Preparatory book about Deno Acar OG's Founder
Reports from events in Norway and Sweden